81 Days!

Only 81 short days until I leave on a jet planeWhile that may sound like a long time to some people, I feel as if I have a thousand and three things I need to accomplish before I go. Perhaps most importantly, I need to successfully get a National Visa in order to stay in Poland for 3 months. 

In addition to being a lot of confusing paperwork, the Polish Consulate requires its visa applicants to go to the Consulate in person to apply. Therefore, I will be taking a quick jaunt down to New York City next week! And as of right now it seems like it will be quite an interesting jaunt.

Google Image pic of the Polish Consulate.                  Hopefully I'll get a better picture next week!
Google Image pic of the Polish Consulate.                                                                     Hopefully I’ll get a better picture next week!

My journey will begin just after midnight Thursday night Friday morning, when I leave for Syracuse’s Regional Transportation Center (a short 10 minute car ride from campus).  At approximately 1:35AM I will depart from the lovely city of Syracuse for good ol’ NYC.

Pending a smooth bus ride down south, I hope to arrive in NYC at 6:35AM. Upon arrival, my goal is to immediately find sustenance in the form of coffee, unhealthy breakfast food, and free WiFi. My appointment at the Consulate is set for the bright and early time of 8:30AM.

I’m currently crossing my fingers that the Polish Consulate determines that I’m not a serious threat to their beautiful country quickly so that I can explore NYC a little bit before I pass out from exhaustion. Thankfully my roommate is heading back to Syracuse the same weekend I’m in New York City so when I tire of urban exploring I can take a short (to my knowledge) train to her home to either leave for Syracuse that night or the following morning.

While next weekend sounds incredibly exhausting and probably possibly stressful, I’m truly looking forward to seeing New York City and getting my first taste of Poland (hey, it may not be a big piece of Poland, but it’s still technically Poland).


I can’t wait to let you know how my NYC adventure goes!

Much love,



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