Home Sweet Wrocław

After 16 days of straight traveling, we finally arrived at our new home in Wrocław! Wrocław (pronounced “vrote-suave“) is the fourth largest city in Poland and sits on the Oder river.

The Oder River
The Oder River

Upon our arrival in Wrocław, after a 5 hour bus ride from Warsaw, we took a few tram rides and eventually ended up at our apartment for the semester. Located just behind a Lutheran church, we are rooming in the attic of a building owned by the church. The 11 of us share the top floor, occupying 6 rooms and sharing a “kitchen.” The rooms are large with slanted roofs, wood decor and are each fit with their own bathroom.

2014-10-20 12.13.38
Not the best picture – but the church that we live behind.

While our flat is nice, the best part of it is definitely its location. We are less than a five minute walk from the Rynek (market square) and the tram stop that takes us to school. It’s so easy to get around here, and I love it!

During our first full day in Wrocław, Ula (our program director) took us around town to show us the ropes. We started out by heading to the Rynek. My favorite part of walking to the Rynek is the fact that, to get there, we have to walk through this small alley that is overshadowed by a gorgeous willow tree. I honestly think it feels akin to going through the wardrobe (from The Chronicles of Narnia).

The willow tree that marks the entrance to the Rynek.
The willow tree that marks the entrance to the Rynek.

The Rynek is full of brightly colored buildings, restaurants, and even a 24/7 flower market. It all feels just a bit unreal. When Ula felt that we had spent a fair amount of time in the Rynek, we moved on to the next part of our tour; the mall. The mall is a straight shot from the Rynek and even has a grocery store in the basement (the longer I am here though, the more I realize this is a common thing in Poland).

The Rynek
Part of the Rynek.

Our next stop, the fresh market, was another major destination for us in Wrocław. The market is in a giant warehouse and is filled to the brim with fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, meat and (of course) pierogi. Every time I come here it feels like an adventure because you never know what you will find.

Inside the fresh market.
Inside the fresh market.

The final stop on our tour was probably my favorite. Ula took us to a lody (ice cream) shop just down the street from the fresh market. By the time we got there, it was about 1:50pm and the place opened at 2pm. Despite the fact that the place didn’t open for another 10 minutes, there was already a line of at least 30 (if not more) people outside. This was a clear sign that this was good lody.

The line outside the lody place, 10 minutes before opening.
The line outside the lody place, 10 minutes before opening.

Thankfully, the line moved incredibly fast (they must be used to this kind of craziness) and we were choosing our flavors in no time. I decided to get a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of cream.

Yummmm. Lody.
Yummmm. Lody. (Notice the still incredibly long line).

Best lody ever. The line was completely understandable now.

We finished off our tour of the city taking the long way home, contently devouring our lody.

Bridge we passed on the way home.

From day 1, two things are incredibly clear to me; 1) That Wrocław is incredibly beautiful and is going to be a fantastic home for two months and 2) I will be eating a lot of lody this semester.

Until next time!



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