On Top of the World

Leading up to our first weekend in Wrocław, we received an email from Ula asking if we would be interested in going hiking on Sunday. Needless to say, we were all excited to get out and see another part of Poland.

The particular hike that Ula was taking us on would lead us to the top of Mount Ślęża, a mountain in the Sudetes foothills. Mount Ślęża is 718 meters high and 30km outside Wrocław.

Following Ula up the mountain.
Following Ula and her dog up the mountain.

The climb to the top was rough, or at least it was for me. Nothing makes you realize how out of shape you are like getting halfway up a mountain and realizing you’re still an hour and a half from the top. Ooph.

On our way up!
On our way up!

The sore legs I endured the next day were well worth it though. The view from the top of Mount Ślęża was unreal. If only it wasn’t so foggy! I can’t imagine how far you could see on a clear day.

Part of the group from the top of Mount Ślęża.
Part of the group enjoying the view from the top of Mount Ślęża.

Thankfully, coming down the mountain was much easier than going up. And it would have gone even faster if we hadn’t gotten a tad bit lost on the way down. All engulfed in our own conversations and split up into smaller groups, the 11 of us managed to take the wrong route down. Luckily, a few of us (read: 3/11) had their Polish phones on them and were able to receive Ula’s worried calls when she realized we got lost.

Kara was not a fan of being lost in the forest.
Kara was not a fan of being lost in the forest.

So back up the mountain we went. We actually ended up being much closer than I had thought, but my legs sure were not happy to be going back uphill again.

The trip the rest of the way down was more or less uneventful post-getting lost. We all carried on with pleasant conversation and enjoyed the fresh Polish air.

Heading down the mountain.
Heading down the mountain.

The more I see of Poland, the more I love every bit of it!



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