Christmas Time is Here…

Around mid-November every year, a magical thing begins to happen all over Europe. Town squares begin to fill with pallets of wood that slowly turn into cute little houses in the following days. The Christmas Markets were coming.

In Wroclaw in particular, the Christmas Market fills the rynek (main square) with these little houses all selling different kinds of Polish delicacies, pottery, and mulled wine. This year the Christmas Market opened on November 21st.

Mulled wine in a boot at the Christmas Market.
Mulled wine in a boot at the Christmas Market.

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On Top of the World

Leading up to our first weekend in Wrocław, we received an email from Ula asking if we would be interested in going hiking on Sunday. Needless to say, we were all excited to get out and see another part of Poland.

The particular hike that Ula was taking us on would lead us to the top of Mount Ślęża, a mountain in the Sudetes foothills. Mount Ślęża is 718 meters high and 30km outside Wrocław.

Following Ula up the mountain.
Following Ula and her dog up the mountain.

The climb to the top was rough, or at least it was for me. Nothing makes you realize how out of shape you are like getting halfway up a mountain and realizing you’re still an hour and a half from the top. Ooph.

On our way up!
On our way up!

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Home Sweet Wrocław

After 16 days of straight traveling, we finally arrived at our new home in Wrocław! Wrocław (pronounced “vrote-suave“) is the fourth largest city in Poland and sits on the Oder river.

The Oder River
The Oder River

Upon our arrival in Wrocław, after a 5 hour bus ride from Warsaw, we took a few tram rides and eventually ended up at our apartment for the semester. Located just behind a Lutheran church, we are rooming in the attic of a building owned by the church. The 11 of us share the top floor, occupying 6 rooms and sharing a “kitchen.” The rooms are large with slanted roofs, wood decor and are each fit with their own bathroom.

2014-10-20 12.13.38
Not the best picture – but the church that we live behind.

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